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Tokaj is one of the world’s best known and most appreciated wide regions. Since 2002, it is on the World Heritage List. Kings, queens, popes and tsars adored it for centuries. Though the unique sweet wine, Tokay or Aszú made its fame, nowadays we can hear more of dry white wines of Tokaj and paramount among them about Furmint. Whilst Aszús themselves deservedly received the name of the Liquid Gold, in the meantime its dry white wines are the giants of the world of wines. Tokaj is a fairy-tale world, with forests, small lakes, semi-precious stones and monarchs everywhere.

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Happened in 1650 that the country was threatended by Turkish invasion and that’s why the region’s grape growers delayed the harvest by November. By that time, grapes where botrytised (nobly rotten) but the Calvinist pastor Laczko Máté Szepsy harvested them to make wine from them anyway, and then wrote down the method of making Aszú wine.


“C’est le roi des vins et le vin des rois.”

“This is King of Wines and Wine of Kings.”

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